Two jobs, one purpose:

I ask the right

questions to 

help people

make the right choices.

This is me

It's not easy to be a professional with two professions in very different areas. If you know me from across your conference table, you might be surprised of seeing me in yoga pants on social media (I know you googled me because I googled you too). If you follow me on Instagram, you might have wondered on the other hand why I've been posting pictures from office situations all around Europe.

Here's the resolution:

I am both - a professional in brand strategy & communications, and a professional in fitness & health. Here's why: I am a human being with heaps of passion, a bunch of interests and zero understanding for the "one 9 to 5 job for a lifetime" concept. For me, lifetime is lifetime, whether I spend it with work or with leisure activities. So in my world, having one job while having multiple interests is a waste of life-time. 

To see which business fields I am actually pretty good in, here's a little breakup:

 Branding  Communication Strategies 

SEO Social Media Content Concepts 
Campaign ideas  Focusing

Stress Management  Movement  Meditation 
Awareness Nutrition

PS. If you are interested in working with me as a health coach but don't speak German, please contact me. I have a waiting list for new clients. 
If you are interested in working with me as a brand strategy & communications expert: unfortunately I am not only fully booked but my waiting list is also closed.
If you still want to work with me, you might want to contact upwire, a high class agency group I work very closely with. Say hi from me and tell them that you want me as your lead. 

I'm good at my job because I want to make myself redundant. 

What? Yes, you read that right. Neither as a strategic consultant nor as a health coach do I want to become irreplaceable for you. Instead I am convinced that a good consultant/ coach gives you the power, knowledge and therefore the ability to do the right things yourself.

My approach is not to make you dependent on me so that I can rely on you as a regular revenue stream. My approach is to make you as smart and confident and aware of your (brand's) needs that you don't need me anymore. (I'd be still there for you, though.)

How? Let's talk about it.

* please note: I am fully booked. Also, my wait list is closed. News as soon as there is any.

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